North parking lot dilemma


Lily Kilpatrick

Marching band members chattered happily as they exited the double doors on the north side of the building to practice during 4th hour. The students began to stop short as they noticed a problem. There were two cars parked in the middle of the practice area.

During practice that day, the trumpets struggled to learn their movements because of the intruding cars. The band attempted to find ways to resume practice, yet the cars were just too big of a problem.

  Cars have been parked in the middle of the practice field and everywhere in between. Parking within the orange cones at the North building is not allowed because the band needs to practice there during 4th hour and 5th hour. Students who park within the cones will first get a warning before getting a ticket.

   A second problem has occurred since the beginning of the school year. There is a podium set up in the 2nd entrance for one of the drum majors. Three times already, cars entering the lot have nearly clipped the podium while a drum major is on top. Jr. Karina Gibson said, “My jaw dropped as the car sped into the parking lot nearly taking the drum major podium with it.” It could be terrifying for the both the drum major and the student if a car were to crash into the podium.

  Please refrain from parking within the orange cones and using the 2nd entrance at the North building.