Samantha Rithamel is Deep Daze


Timothy Zack

Wostock is a big event, and for some bands, this might be one of their biggest performances. Wostock gives smaller bands a chance to become more well known and experience a bigger crowd. For the lead singer of the band Deep Daze, this year was the first time she was able to play at Wostock. Playing at Wostock gave Sr. Samantha Rithamel a valuable experience that will help her with her music career.

   Rithamel shared what her experience playing at Wostock was like. “It was an amazing experience and opportunity to play for this event. I’ve wanted to do Wostock, ever since I heard more about it my sophomore year. Deep Daze performed last year, but had a different lead singer with them at the time. I joined the band this past summer before my senior year, and after playing at Park Theatre multiple times, we all knew we would want to do Wostock again. Just being able to play music is so great, it’s truly what we all love to do,” Rithamel explains. Wostock is a memorable event for WO students, and Deep Daze was one of the great bands to play there last year. This year, Rithamel sang for the band and gained experienced what it is like to do a larger performance.

  After losing their lead singer, Deep Daze needed to find someone good to take that place. Rithamel explained how she ended up becoming Deep Daze’s lead singer. “I had been friends with Nick Schultz [lead bassist] and Jared Norwood [lead guitarist] for a couple of years,” Rithamel said.“They knew I could sing well and wanted me to be a part of what they do, after we played Park Theatre a few times and thought we all sounded great together.” Because of her connection to the members of the band, they already knew that she was a great singer. Wostock gave her more publicity by allowing the students of WO to see that as well.

  Anyone who knows about Deep Daze might have noticed that there was a different bassist during their performance at Wostock. “Unfortunately, Nick couldn’t actually make it to the Wostock performance this year because he was on the east coast for Army Deployment training. We had to ask our good friend, Jonas Edge, to play bass for us, who actually plays with us quite often. But, Jonas is not in our band,” Rithamel said. Even though the band had to find a substitute for one of its members, they still played at Wostock. Having to swap out their bassist meant that half the band consisted of new faces to the students who had seen last year’s performance. Rithamel and the Deep Daze members made sure that the fans were happy, and gave an incredible experience to fans, and new faces alike.

  Wostock was a huge success for Rithamel and the other members of Deep Daze. It was a great experience for the band, and Rithamel was able to show off her prowess as lead singer.