All for her

In the hospital, Conor Reidy gets his sisters foot print stamped on his arm.

Conor Reidy

In the hospital, Conor Reidy gets his sister’s foot print stamped on his arm.

Ava Cooke

A sibling bond that can never be broken despite all odds. Conor Reidy’s sister Avary had Trisomy 9, a chromosomal disorder that comes along with a very short life expectancy. This life changing event motivated Conor to do things in remembrance of his sister while playing sports.

Trisomy 9

Trisomy 9 is a chromosomal abnormality that occurs usually as a random event. While most people have two copies of chromosome 9, people with this condition, like Avary, have three copies (trisomy). Trisomy 9 is so rare that fewer than 1,000 people have had this condition in the U.S. today. The condition affects many parts of the body, and symptoms will commonly begin at birth or come up at any point from then until about two years of age. 

What he does to honor her

Conor has played hockey since a very young age and does the most to honor his sister throughout all different parts of the game. Before games he prays to Avary and God, which keeps him ready to play and motivated for the duration of the time on the ice. On the back of Conor’s helmet he has stickers with the number 24 on it because that’s the day his sister was born. He also wants to be number 24 on the hockey team once his brother isn’t, so he can continue to honor her in as many ways as he can. 

“It makes me happy playing because I feel like I have someone that I’m playing for…” Conor feels like he is honoring his sister while playing the sport he loves and has a reason to push through games. Conor recalled a memory that he knows motivates him, “ her a bath when she was first born and getting her footprint stamped onto my arm.” This memory is so special and definitely something that would encourage others in that same position to play their best for someone else close to them. Conor is doing so many great things to honor Avary and is staying driven through the things he does for her. 

Life Changing

Having someone pass away that was so close to Conor has impacted his life in so many ways. Even with this event occurring, he has done great things to remember his sister through his sport and keep her in his thoughts.