Salad dressing day?

Salad dressing day?

Allie Buikema

A lot of students might be wondering what exactly they’re are supposed to wear for “salad dressing day.” Turns out, students aren’t supposed to dress up as salad dressing, they’re actually supposed to dress up as the theme of the dressing:

Seniors are Ranch dressing and should dress up as a cowboy or a cowgirl. Students can wear plaid shirts, jeans, cowboy boots, hats, etc.

Juniors are Thousand Island dressing and should dress Hawaiian. Students can wear Hawaiian/floral shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, sun hats, leis, etc.

Sophomores are blue cheese dressing and should dress in all blue. Students should simply try and wear all blue clothing, they could even go all out and wear blue face paint, blue hair chalk etc.

Freshmen are healthy honey mustard dressing and should wear workout attire. Students can wear sweat bands, running shorts, tights, running shoes etc.

Why Salad Dressing Day? “Senate has been wanting to have ‘Salad Dressing Day’ for 5 years now, but has never gone through with it. So this year all of senate voted on whether or not to have it as a day, and everybody thought it would be a good idea. At first the idea might not sound appealing, I mean ‘Salad Dressing Day’, what are you supposed to wear? But after you get to know more about it and what you’re dressing up as it becomes more appealing. It is fun because you can be creative with it and just have fun. It’s different from a lot of the days in the past and that’s what made it a good idea for a spirit week day.” Said student senate member Sally Davis.