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Student Life

The amazing academic and athletic accomplishments of Derek Maas

January 17, 2019 7:28am | Blake Pedersen

West Ottawa has several gifted student athletes. Some play a sport in college, and some receive a full-ride scholarship for academics. Some earn both options. Get to know Derek Maas.   Maas is the third of four children in his family. His older siblings have already […]

Breaking world records

January 17, 2019 7:19am | Kobe Hescott, Benton Truttman

3…2…1…start!  As Kobe’s finger hits the button on his stopwatch, Benton plunges his head into the hottub.  Kobe anxiously waits for his head to pop up; He know he won’t last long. He waits and waits as the clock gets near a full minute when […]

Snow tires: a necessity for Michiganders

January 17, 2019 7:10am | Benton Truttman

Jr. Jocelyn Sweeney was driving to school on a snowy January morning. Turning onto Butternut, she knew the roads were icy, and it made her nervous seeing all of the surrounding traffic. Seconds before she passed the Mobile gas station, the three cars in front […]

My name, Jamahl

January 16, 2019 12:07pm | Jamahl Hogan

My name is Jamahl Hogan. I was born in 2001 in Zeeland Community Hospital to Paul and Stephanie Hogan. I enjoy playing sports and watching the New England Patriots play football. If you’re picturing me right now and don’t know who I am, odds are […]

“I will be a pilot in the French military”

January 16, 2019 11:50am | Elizabeth Rauckhorst

On the morning of November 13, exchange student Arthur Wauquiez walked into the gym along with his classmates for West Ottawa’s annual Veterans Day assembly. After sitting down, right away Wauquiez is amazed that West Ottawa students come together to celebrate those who have served […]

Singer-songwriter Zyon Del Valle is making an impression

January 14, 2019 9:57am | Avery Warsaw

At 2:00 am in Switzerland, Sr. Zyon Del Valle was sitting on a hotel porch, listening to James Arthur’s song “Impossible.” Del Valle couldn’t get to sleep because his body hadn’t yet adjusted to the change in altitude, so he flipped through his journal, just […]

Hard knocks: the life of a Browns fan…

January 14, 2019 9:27am | Kobe Hescott

Jr. Holden Leffman paces his living room, anxiously waiting for the Cleveland Browns to make their first pick of the 2018 NFL draft. The Browns are coming off of the second ever 0-16 season in NFL history, so Leffman knows this pick is important for […]

Scheduling for classes? Four great options

December 4, 2018 9:21am | Jevic DeVries, Owen Israels

What is a school day for you? A seven-hour prison sentence?  We are here to tell you school does not have to be as miserable as you believe. Here are some underrated classes offered at WO that most students, including you, might not be aware […]

Forest View Hospital: This place changed me

December 4, 2018 9:13am | Zachary Ackerson

As I walk to find a table to sit at, I notice most of them are full. The lunchroom is crowded, and yet I still don’t see anyone I know. I wander off into the corner and spot an empty seat. There are two guys […]

The increasing burden of backpacks

December 3, 2018 9:42am | Jason Gonzalez

   2007                        2018 Lightest: 3            Lightest: 5 Average: 5            Average: 14.85 Heaviest: 11         Heaviest: 24   A gallon of paint, a bowling ball, and a Jack […]