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Are super teams detrimental to professional sports?

January 17, 2019 7:36am | Jamahl Hogan, Blake Pedersen

It was the bottom of the ninth. One out left before the Red Sox could be crowned World Series champions. Seven time all star Chris Sale, who the Red Sox had traded for back in 2016 was on the mound in relief for Cy Young […]

The amazing academic and athletic accomplishments of Derek Maas

January 17, 2019 7:28am | Blake Pedersen

West Ottawa has several gifted student athletes. Some play a sport in college, and some receive a full-ride scholarship for academics. Some earn both options. Get to know Derek Maas.   Maas is the third of four children in his family. His older siblings have already […]

“They wanted it more”

January 16, 2019 12:17pm | Joel Scheneman

It’s 4th down with two yards to go, 30 seconds left in the game. You’re the star linebacker of City Bay High School, and your team is up one. If you make the stop on the play, you win. If you don’t, the other team […]

News flash: swimming is the hardest sport

January 16, 2019 12:13pm | Ryleigh Hyma

Sr. Ayisha Afrik was finishing up her last practice before the OK Red swim and dive conference meet. The training exhausted her after three hours of extensive distance swims, including nine 200s that got faster as they completed each. Her core muscles and quads burned […]

2017-2018 boy’s basketball: a remarkable season

January 16, 2019 12:02pm | Blake Pedersen

The 2018-19 season has begun. The new look Panthers look to capture their fourth straight conference title. In honor of the new season starting, we must not forget the remarkable season the Panthers had last year. West Ottawa’s varsity basketball team competed in the state […]

Kaepernick’s inspiring protest

January 16, 2019 11:55am | Kobe Hescott

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Ten-year-old me, wearing my 49ers beanie, watches in amazement as Colin Kaepernick slices through the Packers defense. He starts the game by throwing a pick-six and giving the Packers a 7-0 lead, but he recovers immediately […]

Hard knocks: the life of a Browns fan…

January 14, 2019 9:27am | Kobe Hescott

Jr. Holden Leffman paces his living room, anxiously waiting for the Cleveland Browns to make their first pick of the 2018 NFL draft. The Browns are coming off of the second ever 0-16 season in NFL history, so Leffman knows this pick is important for […]

When it’s over

December 17, 2018 9:17am | Mac Strobel

On October 15, I had a surreal feeling, unlike anything I had felt before. The entirety of my soccer career came to an end in a single moment. As I stood in the middle of Jenison’s field, I wasn’t sad or devastated but instead stunned […]

Varsity Basketball: five things to look for

December 10, 2018 9:27am | Jevic DeVries

Early into the first quarter of a preseason scrimmage against Shrine, Jr. Blake Pedersen passed to Jr. Kobe Hescott, and the pass was tipped and stolen. Shrine’s point guard was on a breakaway sprint for an “easy” two points. However, what Shrine’s point guard didn’t […]

Joe Dummer brings a military approach to West Ottawa

November 9, 2018 9:39am | Jamahl Hogan

“In!” Joe Dummer says, a slightly indignant look on his face.   “One!” responds the group of 12 high school boys as they slowly climb out of the water. This is what the boys water polo team calls “up-and-outs,” or jumping in the pool and then […]