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AP and IB art: Political cartoons

November 10, 2017 9:45am | Staff

Students in both AP and IB art produce political cartoons. Annually, only the art teachers and peers in the art classes get to experience these cartoons. This year, the West Ottawan will regularly feature this skilled and insightful work. Readers will be impressed by the […]

Competing at nationals

November 9, 2017 9:05am | Cory Ives

On move 26 of his chess SuperNationals tournament game inside a lavish resort in Nashville, Tennessee, WO Sr. Joshua Posthuma had his opponent right where he wanted him. His competitor had just made a move to challenge Posthuma’s knight, which was seemingly a good move […]

Cross country: looking back

November 8, 2017 9:44am | Erik Heindlmeyer

I stood in starting box number seven at the Cross Country Conference meet. I felt a strange calm wash over me; unlike any other race I had ever been in, I was not nervous. I had one chance left to run in high school. I […]

Las Vegas Shooting: The Scattered Story

November 7, 2017 9:26am | Owen Gibson

On October 1, the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history happened in Las Vegas during a country music festival, killing 58 and injuring 489. But we all know that.   Since the shooting, there has been an extreme amount of information floating around. […]

West Michigan Robotics Invitational

November 7, 2017 9:06am | Josef Arner

As I helped guide the robot cart into the Zeeland West gym for the next robotics match, my ears were met with a deafening sound. I looked around at the stands filled with people cheering for the match going on right now. In the center […]

How to plant a tulip

November 6, 2017 9:44am | Josef Arner

 I stepped out of my mom’s car on October 21 into the crisp fall morning. I walked towards the group of people congregated around the table with gallons of apple cider and doughnuts set out for the volunteers. I joined the crowd of people along […]

Far too little, far too late

November 6, 2017 9:22am | Jake Holstege

The desolate fields of dry cracked dirt and wilting corn stalks were a miserable sight to see.The corn stalks were so worn out that they began falling over. Zeeland Farmer Bill Zwyghuizen squeezed a leaf in his hand and instead of it rolling off and […]

Not your father’s Peter Pan

November 2, 2017 9:21am | Benjamin Hoey, Gabriella Hall

In the middle of Act Three of West Ottawa’s production of Peter Pan, Captain Hook begins to realize that he is losing. His plan to kill all the boys has failed. All of the sudden, the familiar ticking of a clock can be heard. The […]

AP vs. IB, which is better?

November 1, 2017 9:15am | Cory Ives

In the competitive world that is school, students often look for ways to gain an edge over their fellow students. This often includes partaking in rigorous courses such as those offered by the International Baccalaureate Program (IB)  and Advanced Placement Program (AP). These programs differ […]

School record: Six touchdowns

October 24, 2017 7:10am | Jevic DeVries

Last Friday, Sr. SeanKesse Townsend set a school record scoring six touchdowns in the Panthers win at home over Grandville, 41-18. The win clinched an outright conference title. Here is a look at each of Townsend’s scores.   First quarter, Grandville’s 13 yard line Townsend […]